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Hey freelancers, entrepreneurs & startups.

So you’re looking to customize your work-life to your needs and increase flexibility for your business? Or, you’re in need of a supportive environment with inspiring people and creative work settings to boost your brand? We're here for you.

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3. Enjoy

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Instant access to hundreds of coworking spaces

We have gathered hundreds of quality coworking spaces in one membership, all for the same price as one. We bring the best coworking spaces right to your fingertips!

Freedom, flexibility and customisation

The nature of work is changing. You want to be the creator of your own destiny, so you are reimagining work-life integration, starting a business, and seeking to monetize your creativity. We provide memberships for coworking space everywhere because freedom, flexibility and variation is key to a new stimulating work-life. Regardless if you need access to a workspace and community of creatives once a week or 365 days a year.


Quality spaces

We love boutique spaces with a genuine and personal vibe. We seek out the extra special spots that can inspire and ignite your creativity.

Flexible memberships

Pick a plan that suits your needs and only pay for a workspace when you are actually there. You can pause your membership whenever you want. Unused bookings will roll over to the next month and top up if you need more booking credits.

Multiple communities

A work space will never change the world, the people in it will. The magic starts happening when you bring people together. Each coworking space represents a unique network of professionals with new business opportunities and support.

Meeting rooms

Professionalism is at the heart of any successful business and having the right meeting room is fundamental to that. Our coworking spaces bring you a place to meet, talk and interview in a private space.

Events & happenings

Coworking isn’t just about working. It’s about bringing like-minded professionals together and we do that through engaging workshops and events. Both online and offline.

Top Amenities

Great coffee, lightning speed wifi, silent focus rooms, phone booths, comfortable chairs, lounge areas, outdoor seating, printers, food and snacks. Our space selection reflect your needs for a productive work day.

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Get in touch

The world needs more human love and connection.

We believe in supporting the wonderful community that you make up with a personal touch, which is why, when you reach out to us, you’ll be speaking to one of our favourite people from the team!

Say goodbye to robots and automated responses and hello to a compassionate team wanting to connect with you.


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