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Hey YOU! Here is a note about what we are creating;

We see it as Common Grounds' mission to push the boundaries of what a traditional work life looks like for the modern ambitious soul. We give rise to remote work and the workplace flexibility movement by providing a global network of work spaces, people and creativity - an online arena - where the workforce of the future can move around entirely on their own terms, exceeding expectations of what a work life can be.

Our community model

The Common Grounds online platform connects human beings and businesses with the unused space available in the world's coworking scene. We stimulate the sharing economy and better use of existing resources while simultaneously giving the workforce the freedom and flexibility it deserves. In this way we are creating a beautiful ecosystem of collaborative work spaces and people who benefit from each other. We believe it's a win-win situation for all stakeholders in our international community.

If you feel the same way, try us out!

Help create value for everyone involved and let's bring real humanity back into business!

Do you have questions or keen to get involved? Please email us at

All our love,

Fredrik & George



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