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Conscious Coworking

3 Mindful ways to design your workday in order to get shit done in the workspace... 

We’ve all been told that we should do more yoga, learn this or that breathing exercise, to wake up early, or to meditate. I know what you’re thinking: this is another one of those idealistic spiritual blogs, designed to guilt trip you into drinking green tea and staring at trees instead of your laptop...

But the truth is, working hard and ‘getting shit done’ is also holy! In today’s modern world, where technology and our constantly evolving webspace is changing more rapidly than any human mind could ever fathom, being productive and focused at work is as profound as ever. Mindfulness in the workspace, equally, needn’t be a bore, or require new spiritual beliefs, white robes or a stone Buddha in every corner of the room. It’s much more simple and ‘ordinary’ than that, which is exactly why every Coworking day can entail a little bit of mindfulness every step of the way…

With a Common Grounds membership, you can choose a
workspace that most reflects your needs and purpose for the day; an essential starting point for anyone looking to be ‘at their best’ once in work mode. So whether you feel like some social ‘buzz’, or the silent room next door to a spacious city park, sofas and beanbags or tables and office chairs, Common Grounds is guaranteed to have an option that fits your mood.

So, now we’ve arrived, let’s look at 3 mindful strategies to consider for your workday ahead:

1. The To-Do List

This is as basic and ‘old-school’ as it gets. That being said, it’s remarkable how easy it is to forget, when the Macbook’s open and the Iphone’s buzzing. Before you do ANYTHING, prepare a simple list of work-related tasks. Highlight the most important, or ‘priority’, tasks so you know where to start. Take a few minutes to check in with yourself once you think it’s complete. Then and only then can you enter the matrix with calmness and clarity. 

Using a paper and pen is also highly recommended for this, especially if your work is tech-based. Separating your ‘mindful’ materials from your ‘work’ ones is crucial!

2. Taking Breaks

I warned you this would be basic and Buddha-free, didn’t I? The art of taking breaks lies in both ‘quality’ and ‘quantity’. Five minutes every hour will do more for your state of mind than one thirty-minute break for example. Equally, removing yourself from the workstation is as important as the Time itself. Fresh air and a change of scenery does wonders for both body and mind, just as communicating with a human being, instead of only your laptop, will further help rejuvenate your spirits. 

Don’t be afraid to get innovative with your coworking schedule and try something new each week. After all, there is no RIGHT way to work, but being (co)creative with your breaks will make work feel much more like play.

3. Feel Your Body

Coworking is a creative, interactive and intellectually stimulating pursuit, no doubt. But working the body is just as important as the mind. That is, if you wish to remain emotionally balanced and energetic throughout the day. ‘Feeling’ the body needn’t be a tiring and sweaty 6 rounds of boxing at the local gym (though that might sometimes do the trick!). Regular bouts of stretching, taking walks outside, or quick visits to the nearby public gym, can do more for your efficiency and work output long term than you could ever imagine. 

As that great saying goes: “don’t overestimate what you can do in a day, don’t underestimate what you can do in a year”. If you look after your body, over time it will keep looking after you. Simple.

At Common Grounds, the impressive variety of Coworking spaces will allow you ample opportunities to practice and experiment with these simple time management strategies and more. You decide how, where and when you would like to work, today and beyond! 

Sign up for a free trial, try out a new workspace and enjoy the benefits of a more mindful and collaborative work experience today...

Coworking Dreams and Jelly Beans

Why your coworking space is smarter than you are...

How many sweets are in the jar? It’s difficult to say, isn’t it? Well, just imagine, that the average guess of you and your 4 buddies would bring you way closer to the correct answer than any of your solo estimates would. 

The benefits of such teamwork are exactly what Finance Professor Jack Treynor’s famous ‘Jelly Bean’ study, plus several more recent Behavioural studies, show! 

Now take away the jar of sweets and make it a business development strategy for your recent start-up, or a new colour scheme for the company’s App or website. The potential is huge! Especially when those 5 minds, through new interactions with dozens of other like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives, become 50, or even 100, combined ideas, thoughts, jokes, stories and life experiences.

The wisdom of shared workspaces

A workspace (or meeting room) of coworking individuals, much like any well-oiled machine, is quite simply greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve all had those humbling reminders when, deep into a lonely project, a friend, colleague or partner has by chance struck upon that perfect piece of advice or innovative new idea. Indeed, it is sometimes the seemingly small and insignificant connections that make all the difference!

This is exactly what Richard Koch’s famous 80/20 principle suggests; that 80% of the value we receive from any relationship is derived from just 20% of the time and energy usually invested into it. Dynamic communities and coworking spaces, such as those made available through a Common Grounds membership, allow for precisely that: spontaneous and revealing conversations, inspiring new contacts and cool, clean, modern environments to further fuel those opportunities.

So don’t be shy, discover a new workspace today, and allow your mind to be broadened by the minds of others! And remember, if you’re ever stuck for an opening line, just bring a jar of sweets with you and go from there..


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