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Coworking will make you happier and less lonely

17 September 2021

Daniel Eagles

2 minute read

It’s been famously said that there are two kinds of people in the world: those that are lonely and those that are alone. Nobody wants to be lonely; we can pretty quickly agree on that one. But it’s those among us who are most ‘alone’ that seem to do the most innovative and remarkable things...

First things first. Groups are great! We at Common Grounds are ALL about groups! After all, our entire job is to create the most nourishing and supportive coworking spaces for those working remotely to converge, interact and become the best versions of themselves. 

As recent 2017 research, published in the Harvard Business Review, showed, Coworking spaces can allow people – 89% of them in fact - to feel less lonely and, in turn, much happier in the workplace. 

But aren’t the best groups, more often than not, actually filled with the most creative and self-loving individuals? The answer: of course they are... for how could it possibly be otherwise?

Being A Happy Psychopath

Have you ever heard the (not so famous) myth about the two psychopath friends? Probably not, because we just made it up... But anyway, these two friends, no matter what they did, where they went, or how they chose to do it, always had a splendidly jolly time! People would often observe them with strange suspicious eyes, wandering how on Earth are these two guys always so happy?

Well, the answer is simple. They had learned to be happy by themselves; so they didn’t ‘need’ the other. Spending time, instead, became like Play; an extra bonus that they enjoyed and so chose for, rather than clinging too tightly to the friendship they’d been building.

Indeed, it’s a nice thought; that each of us could be so content in ourselves that our relationships worked as smoothly as this all of the time. But realistically speaking, perhaps we all need a bit of guidance, or at least a few simple reminders to help us on our way. Here are 3 of such strategies to get you started.

How to stay focused and creative when working remotely:

  1. 1. Divide your time accordingly, with clear ‘lonely’ work periods and other moments planned for social interactions and networking. 

Working with, or around, others brings many opportunities to connect, share stories, experiences and ideas. But your own personal time is also vital, in order to be creative, focused and productive. A simple daily (or weekly) schedule can help with this, with a special emphasis on these two work modes: individual and collaborative.

  1. 2. Identify your own personal ‘ritual’ that is easily performed no matter where you happen to be working on the day, and allow yourself the luxury of enjoying it. If you don’t already have one then experiment with a few options until you find one that works. 

Being ‘alone’ with your own thoughts, ideas and activities is not always easy, and sometimes we need a conscious helping hand. All of us, perhaps without even realising it, have our own rituals, habits and strategies to get us through the particularly tricky parts of the day. 

Whether it’s a quiet cup of coffee with yourself, one page of scribbles in your notebook, a timed 5 minute splurge on Facebook or the ‘Rocky’ theme tune playing through your earphones, let your ‘lonely’ creative periods be uplifted by something uniquely yours.

  1. 3. Find innovative ways to hold yourself accountable for your work. 

Individual tasks can easily lose touch with reality. Without a boss or team of colleagues looking over your shoulder, it can be difficult to find that internal motivation to work with passion, skill and drive. You may even wake up some mornings, thinking “I don’t want to work at all today”.

Social media works great for this! Share your creative efforts with 3 friends at the end of each work day, or perhaps create a group for mutual recognition, feedback and applause. 

Tangible rewards for achieving certain goals also works a charm; meaning a special dinner date or sexy new pair of shoes, once you’ve conquered your weekly to do list, for instance.

Common Grounds is passionate about fostering powerful and effective habits in the workspace, both together and alone. We collaborate with a diverse range of spaces and coworking communities to give each member their own tailored experience of what it means to be a sufficiently lonely creative. 

And, of course, the better we are alone, the better we are together. That’s the whole idea! 

So celebrate your own powers today by signing up for a free 7 day trial, and see what glorious new internal worlds Common Grounds can allow for you...


Daniel Eagles


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