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The Value of Values - The great glue that fills your coworking cracks

17 September 2021

Daniel Eagles

1 minute read

Are you handling a personal crisis in the office? Struggling at work after a breakup? Or simply struggling with a hostile work environment in general?

As people, whether in a team, a company, or a love relationship, we are very good at judging each other, having positive or negative assumptions and, in general, making ourselves feel better by deciding the other person’s reality for them.

So what instead makes companies, or coworking groups of any kind, collaborate well? What is it that binds them together towards a shared common goal? Well, as Richard Barrett, through his popular ‘Cultural Transformation Tools’, and many other great leaders past and present, have recognised, it is ‘Values’ that are most responsible for team effectiveness and creating the most ideal work environment!

Making Milkshakes

Take a small start-up company for instance: a small team of four, all with the same shared intention to make the best damn milkshake ever known in Amsterdam! Yet they all have completely different ways of going about it. John, for instance, likes to sleep in, enjoy the sun while it’s out and work late into the night, if needed. Lucy enjoys checking in every day before work because, for her, human connection stimulates her to do well for the team. Barry and Sue (the other colleagues) are more quiet, introvert and also traditional in their ‘9 to 5’, ‘Monday to Friday’ schedules. 

The power of understanding values is the capacity to see these habits as ‘objective characteristics’ rather than ‘subjective (so-called) truths’...

Therefore, in honour of our 4 milkshake-inspired, make-believe friends we can appreciate John as having the values of Freedom, Ease and perhaps Flexibility; Lucy’s as Connection, Communication and Empathy; and their other colleagues as clearly valuing Structure, Personal Space and Clarity.

We’re all Value-able

Any co-creative effort (just like every coworking space also) contains a multitude of values in this way; and all of which are quite literally value-able! After all, Lucy needn’t become an introvert herself in order to appreciate the potential benefit of personal space, or even silence, once in a while for example; and when these others’ values are appreciated, she can honour her own without condemning her colleagues for being different.

Coworking spaces, available through Common Grounds, allow many of such opportunities to meet those who share similar values to yourself, as well as learning from the unique and revealing values of others. Furthermore, the excellent variety of different locations means you’ll always have someone, or something, new to learn from. 

Try asking a fellow co-worker that simple question: what do you value in life? Or perhaps: what do you value in your work? You’ll be sure to make some value-able friends in no time!


Daniel Eagles


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