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Keeping It real! Simple strategies for small businesses

17 September 2021

Daniel Eagles

2 minute read

Every CEO, team leader or owner of a start up has the ‘right’ answer. Listen to enough podcasts, read enough from the business section in your local bookstore and hear hundreds of interviews with millionaires and you can too easily convince yourself of two things: 

  1. 1. That your business is small time, unimportant and therefore abides by different laws than those companies you always aspired to become

  2. 2. That you obviously must just not be talented, intelligent or hardworking enough; otherwise your company would be bigger and you’d be richer

I’m here to tell you that neither of these are necessarily true. Not only that, but your humble somewhat ‘unknown’ company might even be doing more good for the world (and for yourself) than you sometimes give yourself credit for, and that you needn’t take on Mission Impossible in order to build and sustain a healthy and profitable business. 

We at Common Grounds know this better than anyone; a small group of guys looking to eat well, workout plenty, laugh and play whilst building up this exciting company of ours!

What is Money?

First things first... What is money, actually? And why does anyone give a damn about it?

We use money for one specific reason only: to exchange for the goods and services that make us happy. That includes the basic essentials, such as food and shelter, required to survive, as well as the gym membership, phone contract, running shoes and smart attire that help us thrive. 

In a nut shell, money is what enables us to both live and to make life worth living!

Happiness First

I want to be happy, satisfied, content, joyful, inspired, alive. Whatever the word is you most often choose, you and every other person in your company have that in common. 

Without a large, profitable business it’s harder to feel happy in your everyday life. This is what we’re told. That money is energy, resources, options, power. 

It’s true, but let me tell you what is also true: the curve very quickly declines. The honest answers to almost all of life’s questions have nothing to do with money. Money keeps you alive and allows you the space and time to breathe; to figure out what else there is to do with this life of ours. But that’s well and truly where it ends...

Keeping It Simple

With all this in mind, let’s focus on some wholesome strategies to keep your business healthy, happy and alive:

Put People First – Billionaire Richard Branson is famous for this one: base your daily / weekly schedules around meeting your employees’ basic needs and watch their team effectiveness, focus and productivity improve, as well as (over time) your profits also.

Invest In Your Own Happiness – as a leader or businessman of any kind, your own wellbeing plays the biggest role in deciding how you, in turn, treat your business, its employees, work environment and (eventual) profits. Investing your time and money in those things that help you to stay happy and healthy will pay dividends in the long run. Trust me!

Build The Company You Want To Be Built – It’s normal for authors to deliberately write the book they wish had already been written. Business owners are no different. We each have our own unique perspectives, character traits and personal qualities. Each of us wants to be seen and recognised, deep down, for who we are. 

Tailor your company, its ethos and day to day habits to your own original self. This is also the best way to find out quickly (and efficiently) if running a business is really what you were made to do...

Be Efficient – the best businessmen don’t work hard, they work SMART. 12 hour work days are nothing to be proud of. Sure you might need to do it once in a while but any half-conscious human will correctly inform you that it’s not a sustainable, nor healthy, approach to building a business. 

Streamline your tasks, get rid of unnecessary formalities, outsource what you can and make the day to day practicalities as simple and efficient as possible. The more simply and easily you can handle the ‘work’, the more time and energy you’ll have for the fun stuff!

Common Grounds knows that business, actually, is a playground of ordinary social delights. It’s variety of coworking spaces allow you the perfect environment and set up to try out these simple strategies and more. 

Sign up today and see how your small company can begin to work more smartly, socially and sustainably in no time!


Daniel Eagles


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