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Coworking Dreams and Jelly Beans

8 February 2021

Daniel Eagles

1 minute read

Why your coworking space is smarter than you are...

How many sweets are in the jar? It’s difficult to say, isn’t it? Well, just imagine, that the average guess of you and your 4 buddies would bring you way closer to the correct answer than any of your solo estimates would. 

The benefits of such teamwork are exactly what Finance Professor Jack Treynor’s famous ‘Jelly Bean’ study, plus several more recent Behavioural studies, show! 

Now take away the jar of sweets and make it a business development strategy for your recent start-up, or a new colour scheme for the company’s App or website. The potential is huge! Especially when those 5 minds, through new interactions with dozens of other like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives, become 50, or even 100, combined ideas, thoughts, jokes, stories and life experiences.

The wisdom of shared workspaces

A workspace (or meeting room) of coworking individuals, much like any well-oiled machine, is quite simply greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve all had those humbling reminders when, deep into a lonely project, a friend, colleague or partner has by chance struck upon that perfect piece of advice or innovative new idea. Indeed, it is sometimes the seemingly small and insignificant connections that make all the difference!

This is exactly what Richard Koch’s famous 80/20 principle suggests; that 80% of the value we receive from any relationship is derived from just 20% of the time and energy usually invested into it. Dynamic communities and coworking spaces, such as those made available through a Common Grounds membership, allow for precisely that: spontaneous and revealing conversations, inspiring new contacts and cool, clean, modern environments to further fuel those opportunities.

So don’t be shy, discover a new workspace today, and allow your mind to be broadened by the minds of others! And remember, if you’re ever stuck for an opening line, just bring a jar of sweets with you and go from there..


Daniel Eagles


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